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Project Description
A master project site for all of the SharePoint 2007 applications I am creating. The current released projects are the SharePoint Orphaned Users Cleanup console application, the WebRedirects website application, and the SharePoint Import Files utility.

To download the different projects, click on the Releases tab at the top, then select the project you want to download from the Releases box to the right.


WebSite Redirects Application
WebRedirects is a dynamic alias redirection web application. It lets you easily add new alias redirections instead of having to modify your web server or code. It was originally created for SharePoint alias redirects, but it can be used with any website URL.
Example: Joe User wants an alias called myalias. He wants to be able to type in http://myalias and be redirected to his site at http://mysharepoint/sites/mysite/myweb/mysubweb/. With this redirection application, you just need to create the alias, point it to this application, and create the correct redirection. You can have as many redirections as you need.

SharePoint Orphaned Users Cleanup
A command line application that can check for, and delete, orphaned users in SharePoint sites, lists, libraries, and folders. It compares the users against the profile database to see if the user is orphaned. A must have for keeping your SharePoint permissions clean if you have a lot of users.

Import Files Utility
The Import Files Utility is an application that will let you import files into a SharePoint library, from a local or remote Windows path. It has a recursive option that will create an entire tree structure of child folders, and populate the child folders with any files within them. It also has an option to make the names of the files and folders "web safe". For example, if there is an ampersand (&) in your file name, it will replace it with an underscore (_).


Michael Ruberg -
Four years of SharePoint administration and development experince. Six years of C# development experience. Ten years of Microsoft server administration. Over 14 years of general web development experience.

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